TEXT: Matt. 11:28, Job 32:19, John 4:1, Psalm 68:11

What does it mean to be weary? It is a feeling or showing of an extreme tiredness as a result of excessive assertion (physical labour, struggling). There are various things that make people tired when you labour, putting so much effort. God will give you rest. There are So many women in the house of God whose husbands cannot stand for them or the family and that has made many wearied. When they are in the presence of God, they appear only with their bodies not souls because they are tired.
The bible told us about a woman whose had a marital problem of moving from one husband to another. The day she woke up to go and draw water, she met with Jesus who asked for water to drink. She knew what she was in search of so she humbly gave Him the water and He in return gave her the living water (water of everlasting life). When this woman whose life was full of stories had an encounter with God, her story changed. If you know all the things that God has given you, you cannot limit God. Every moment of your life will be full of excitement from God.
Every soul that is thirty and hungry for a change, the change is coming to you. She was full of life and served the community with the living water. She became a publisher (Psalm 68:11). What do you publish? You cannot publish what you don’t know. Go and publish what you know about God. A river that is flowing has life in it, but if the river is not flowing, its dead. Jesus is living and not dead so publish the things of Christ. It is only those who has living water inside them that brings life into others.
This woman had an encounter with the living water, she connected and flowed with the living water. The good things you do grows you to do more. God want us to publish. One of the healing powers God has given to wearied souls is to publish the name of God. Be proud that you belong to the family of God. A virtuous woman is industrious, she is labourious. Publishing the name of the Lord is a medicine, a healing.

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