TEXT: 2 Tim. 4:9-11, Psalm 35:27, 1 Chron. 29:16-17, Job 22:23

It does matter how old you are, how experienced you are, you are voiceless without money. Anointing without money is annoyance. When you are anointed and there is no money, you become infuriated. Money will give voice to whoever and whatever you are, you are voiceless without it. Money does only answer to fasting and prayer but to something physical. It takes a testing for them to be a promotion.
God is looking for who He can trust but not all can be trusted. There are three things God is not about to toy with which is the anointing, glory and gold. Money doesn’t only answer to prayer but to definite tangible action in both path. Man was formed by God to manage not suffering but abundant resources in wisdom.
Do not let your Bishop be the bear of the vision alone, be a sharer of the bearing of the vision. It does not take experience or how long you’ve been in a ministry, it takes hard commitment for you to share the burden of the vision. Are you a right man or a wrong man for the work? It is not God that qualifies you to be right or wrong, You alone can qualify yourself. Don’t just be a member or a number to the ministry but a sharer of the vision of the Bishop. God is not interested in you been a lacker, it does not glorify Him.
How can you be the light when you cannot finance the light? How do you contribute to the development of the house of God? If you have noticed mosques are found almost everywhere, who is financing it? Do things of your will and the will of God to develop His house.
You have gone too far with the Holy spirit, you can’t look back. Be one of the men God can trust in the ministry. You can’t be for the ministry for you to speak against the ministry. You don’t need a vision to know where you are with God, what you need is resources.
You don’t fast and pray for open doors, you work for it. Not everything is answerable to prayer. There are processes you need for money to answer; proximity, loyalty and service will cause it to flow abundantly. Poverty is a curse. When you come to God, the first thing He does is to remove poverty. God wants you to see money as dust. If you see money as good it will go far away but if you see it as dust, God will give it to you.
God created a world for us and He has made us creators to create our world within His world. And we create our world by His words in our heart. When you think and work like God, you become God in your world.

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