TEXT: Psalm 119:130, Proverbs 8:1-36

Children at this stage according to the scripture are called simple. If there is no simplicity, we cannot attain the blessings God has ordained for us. In order to drive out what simple is, we will use water as an illustration because it is simple. You need water for everything. You cannot cook real food if there is no water to put all the condiment in (Prov. 8:5)
Understanding is a foundation upon which every other thing stands. The word “understanding” means under, the source or root of something. If a child must stand tomorrow, look at the root of the child (the parents) if they did a good job in bringing up that child, Is the child standing well? If the child is misbehaving, check the root, the parents, and the life of the parents that they exhibited. We lay this foundation in childhood which is the early way to seek our creator. If you must transfer the good image in you to your child, he must be with you, by you, monitored and brought up by you (Proverb 22:6).
Simple stage of life is the child general, neutral, innocent, cooling stage, beginning era where and when no affixation of criteria character driving elements such as wisdom, knowledge, and understanding have not been added to the child. The child usually cools at an early stage and the creature that cools is a dove. A child is likely to a dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit (holiness, purity, innocent). At that stage when a child is born, he is regarded as innocent and if a child dies at that stage, he does not go to hell but heaven because there is a mercy of God regardless of the doings of the parents.
Good foundation to child morpheme for excellent morphological process the child as per determination by God is based on giving the child understanding which is sine qua non (necessary). Understanding is the first and compulsory foundation to a child. Christ is understanding which means when a child is born into this world, he must be brought to the foundation of Christ (understanding). When you seek Christ early, He will feed you early because a child must grow and develop. God is very particular and interested on how His children are fed, the kind of character exhibited, the kind of peace surrounding the child, the kind of words used around a child. Do you use vitriol (abusive) words on you children?

Do not despise the days of small beginning. It’s a joy to see children participating in various activities, the scripture called them because they have the potential of becoming a nation. They carry a gene in their loins of becoming a nation. The Nation Nigeria is facing crisis today because parents abandoned their duties of feeding children with good life and morality. Parents should not abandon their children for the chase of money. You can’t really use money to train children. Anybody that uses money to train their children are called spoilers of children. Those children have a wrong foundation. A good training makes your child to be greater, stronger and a bad training makes your child to be weaker and suffer in life.
God wants us to know that the foundation of building a good, strong, and successful person starts from simple (when the child is still simple). That is the period that perfect teaching, mentorship can take place.

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