Scriptures; Isaiah 55:4-2,2timothy 2:15,1peter 3:12, 15 romans 8:26, Jeremiah 51:20, Luke 19:41-42 1john 2:20-27, john 8:12, Colossians 3:16, 17, luke18:1,2 timothy4:1-2 1coritians1:2-7

We are people of faith and should learn how to firmly hold unto our faith. Our faith is bound to go through various tests and tough challenges in the trial of the enemy. Many wars and battles take place during the trial of our faith.
There are several prayers aimed at fighting our wars and battles. Every war is fought by soldiers who have been trained together to gather and listen to the instructions and strategies of the commander and also the secrets of God.
No soldier comes to prayer welfare without genuine and thorough preparations. These preparations involve the prayer from the spirit and not the flesh. The weapon of welfare has been given to us by God while Satan deals with the transfer of the manifestation of a bad life style.
God has come to give us His grace and if you have grace in Christ, you will walk in the manifestation of grace.
When you study the word of God, It will abide in you and you will be directed by it. The outcome or result of studying the word for God and allowing it to direct your lifestyle is prosperity. When we prepare and develop ourselves in Christ, we walk according to the path and ways of the Lord.

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