TEXT: Genesis 2:7-12, Hebrew 10:32-34, 1 Peter 2:10, Psalm 34:12, 1 Cor. 2:9, Hebrew 3:1-4, Matthew 7:24, Proverb 14:1, Isaiah 43:3-6, Proverb 31:23, Genesis 42:1-3, John 11:38-44, Acts 2:40

Human finances are those who represent, are chosen and commissioned by God with the unspeakable gift to supply the needs of the saints for the gospel of Christ in a ministry. Money s not finance, it’s finance when It is ready to pursue investments.
God put man in a place he formed in order to man the affairs, to control, manage, organize and be responsible to God. Are you still formed as a man? Are you maintaining the various formation God wants you to go? If you were formed, you must maintain your form. Keep your statue, shape, superior understanding, knowledge, wisdom and foresight; these are the girdles or form of man.
The substance of God is more than silver and gold (Hebrew 10:32-34). Finance is captured as a substance in the scripture. What is pleasant to the sight is delightful and good. Every good tree is sighted, positioned and empowered to meet the need of the sighted pleasure. A man who sees or sight good things can visualize, prophesize things from the future. Future, distance and generation are all based on the fulcrum of sight. If a man can sight a thing of pleasure, he can see future of good things.
God created us as joined yielders. Man, therefore has the nature of male and female which are both joint yielders. Every house is built by some man (Matt. 7:24). The first hearer of God’s word in Genesis was and is the male man and the second hearer was and is the female man who heard or communicated later from Adam and Eve. There is the first hearer of God’s word saying “who is the first male man as a wise master builder uses them to build his own house”. There is also the second hearer of God saying “and a wise woman who uses them to build her own house”. Every wise man builds his own house.
Discover and display your aspect, labour, work and particularly that aspect that called you into the ministry. No man must become idle in his father house.

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