TEXT: Philippians 4:15, Genesis 12:1, Philemon 1:6, 2 Samuel 5:1, Acts 20:35

The secret of prosperity, breakthrough, promotion lies in communication. This is not by words but life substance communication. The power and blessing of the world must be understood before you communicate. You can’t communicate what you don’t know. The communication of your faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. Every good thing you receive from Christ Jesus, you must acknowledge it, it makes your faith to be effective and power.
God is waiting for your respond which is God’s law that commands you and bless you more. You were prepared and sent by God to your Apostle. He must do everything possible to relate along the line of the communication of apostolic anointing, power, breakthrough from the spirit ream to you. You must communication not just for the feeding of the Apostle but for the gospel. The purpose why we are her is not to eat and drink but for the purpose of the gospel of Christ.
As a pastor, you do not pay tithe to your branch where you are fellowshipping. Your tithe must come to Abraham. Your tithe must come to the Apostles feet, he knows what to do. The day you started paying tithe to yourself, you started laying foundational curses upon yourself. When you are a good teacher and you break the law, you will punished more by God. Check what is happening around you and when it started. Check what is eating your blessing and since when? It is when you started this wickedness.
Abraham have put spiritual blessings in you. It will bring increase and open shut doors for you. It will bring new ideas, creativity to you. It is the power of God that flow through the Apostle that increases you. What you give to people, they must give back to you out of the product of the blessings you gave in the name of the Apostle, if they refuse, then God will curse you. When the tithe you are supposed to give to God, you put it in your pocket, it will sink it.
Unto David we are His bone and flesh. As God is with the Apostle and speaks with him, He is also with you. What will make you to have the durable, incorruptible riches is anointing of wisdom of breakthrough of money given to you by God. Did He give them to you for your personal selfish reasons? You must connect it to David, the anointed.
Without faith no pope, pastor, Apostle can please the Lord. Don’t ever think that by contributing your path you made David who he is. David was anointed by God through Prophet Samuel. What is this anointing for? David is to be the head, but the head must have a body whose powers are ordained by God. power of grace which is obtained by God. When you grow in anointing, you will perform grace in great Nation. This anointing is not for us, we are to connect it to a higher anointing. Anointing is higher than anything you can ever thing of. God’s anointing to us symbolizes submission, contribution unto the head (God’s anointed) will add your bone and flesh. Bone stands for many things. It is for strategic planning, policy formulation, structural pattern, formulative power and forward movement. No man can live without his bones. We are the bone of this ministry, we are interested in the movement of this ministry. The day a man drops his bone the man will become a vegetable, he become immobile. There are many that have made the ministry to be immobile by removing the bone. Do not be the one to fall the ministry of your Apostle.

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