TEXT: Genesis 2:16, 18-24, Job 32:17-22, Ecclesiastes 3:10-11, Romans 12:3

Aspect is a particular part or future of something. It could be a role, assignment and component of the total. If an aspect is alone, it cannot be called the entire. When God created us, he made sure that we played a role in the aspect of His will. Life is broken into aspects and each variety aspects of life is given to us by our creator.
Every aspect of life and of God is good. There are two aspects of good, only one aspect cannot make a complete finished good. The giver, creator, producer and former of each aspects is God. There was one aspect of good called man, then God felt like it would be proper and better if He makes another good aspect called Woman, so they were therefore called male and female. The both of them when fused together would carry out each function effectively. What are the aspects of good God has created?
• They are the male aspect good
• They are the female aspect good
Each of the aspects is an active performer, finisher and perfecter yet children of God must know that God is not only the creator, producer but also the joiner. There is nothing we have that was not given to us by God. If we do not perfect our role, there will be no outcome.
We were purposely created to perform His will and His good pleasure. God authors and finishes His will which is carried out on various courses that is run with divinely performance from beginning to the end.
Your aspect is your part of inheritance, the measure of faith that God gave to you. God doesn’t give all His power to one person instead, he share them to everybody that’s why we need each other because we are suppliers of the unique power of God.
You are a hope to somebody and somebody is a hope to you. What you are looking for might be what an unbeliever have that’s why you need to spread the gospel and win souls to Christ. Only then can you partake from the blessing of the new covenants. All parts are component of service rendering to God and humanity. Each aspect or part is as a divine gift and grace. Don’t exchange people’s aspect for your aspect.
Nobody can answer our parts for us. God daily loads us with all good benefits. We can admire people aspect but we cannot exchange our aspects with others. We have the parts and aspect of life in our heart.

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