TEXT: Genesis 2:8-12, Job 22:20-30, Isaiah 48:10, Zech. 3:1-10, Job 23:8-17, Acts 4:33-37, 2 cor. 9:9, Proverb 25:25

There is a position that God has positioned the men to be not minor but major finance distributors. If you are a financial distributor that means that you have been made very rich and wealthy. Do you love that position? Will you want to achieve that position? By all means claim and demonstrate that position. God put man in a place to manage the resources made available and to be distributed. You are going to be the head and not the tail. For you to remain at the top, make sure you distribute the resources to every part of the earth. Any man that will respond to the instruction of God today shall become a major distributor.
When God’s words and instructions are coming to you it is not worries and troubles that will attend to you, it is faith and joy. If you don’t know how to build up yourself before, God will not have any need to build you up. We lack the secret to build up only God can build you up.
Many are called but few are chosen. God chose you by going through a test of faith. There is no temptation that man can undergo that God did not undergo. If you love God, you will lay down your life for Him. Challenges will come your way but he has made us conquerors.
A man has superior gold or finance inside. There is something more precious, glorious, valuable in us than gold and silver. There is gold in this land and there is also gold in you. The Holy spirit is the gold inside of us.
This earth was created by the Holy spirit. God wants us to be wise and request for the Holy spirit from Him. The Holy spirit comes to you the moment you are born again. Holy spirit moves and inspires people that there are needs to be meant in the ministry. Pray to hear from the Holy spirit. When Jesus came, He handed us to the Holy spirit. And if a child of God does not obey the Holy spirit, he breaks and anodes his sonship. Many that are led by the Holy spirit or the spirit of God are the sons of God. If you anode your sonship, you can’t have inheritance because only sons are entitled to inheritance.
Nobody can know the state of the needs of the entire ministry except the leader, the apostle. When the apostle see a need in the ministry, there become a need in the ministry. When God supplies the need, He put the supply materials in the hands of men and women in the ministry. You cannot distribute the physical things if the collections do not flow to the feet of the apostle.

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