God is the eternal rock on which everything is built. He has been our dwelling place even from time past (Psalm 90:1). For the fact that He created us, we are His generation. When we are born again and abide by his word, we become his righteous generation and He dwells within us.
The righteous spirit, soul and body man are spheres of righteousness. They are acquired when we become born again; the benefits of being born again in our spirit is carried to our soul and it sanctifies, consecrate the body man for God’s use. The spirit, soul and body are the foundations of man made by God so that he fits perfectly in Him (God) for He is of three foundations (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The foundation of the righteous will be destroyed (Psalm 11:3) if the spirit, soul and body are divided, not in agreement and this will only happen when there is sin, it brings disconnection with God and malfunctioning. We must acknowledge God in our heart, thoughts, imaginations, tongue, going out and coming in, as these will make us zealous, consecrated and devoted towards God’s kingdom as it will make all we do prosperous. God bless you!

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