Let Your Eyes Be Single by Bishop Mrs. Jane Okelezoh

Scriptural Reference
Matthew 6: 21-22
Matthew 5: 29
Psalms 119: 19

From Matthew 6: 22, note; your eyes be single. Your spirit, soul, body, heart and mind are your eyes which are meant to see beyond the ordinary according to God’s purpose and if your eyes is single, your body will be full of light.

Your eyes being single means placing values or worth on eternal things, not trivializing the things of God and also not taking God for granted. Placing value on eternal things means protecting the things of God without being distracted. The author of distraction is the devil and when the devil distract you the purpose is to bring shame to you, therefore you must remain focus on God and also listen to His voice so as to avoid distraction caused by the distractor which is the devil. God wants us to deepen our Christianity and become single in our hearts because when we are single, we will become positively poisonous to those around us and when you are positively poisonous, you speak positively and those you come in contact with will be blessed and more grace will be added to them.

Also when you have a single heart and eyes, you will be separate from bad influence, friends and communication which are meant to distract, corrupt and stand as an obstacle from knowing the ways and things of God and as it is said “Evil communication corrupts good manners” .

Benefits of having a single eye

  1. It protect you from strange friends whose purpose are evil and not of good
  2. It will make you not to go astray from the work of God
  3. It makes God to go ahead of you and help you in fighting your battles.
  4. There will be a fellowship existing between you and God which involves God being in you and you also being in Him. Being in the house of God (Church) is all about fellowshipping with God and knowing His ways which are contrary to the ways of the flesh.

Now, with all the above benefits imagine a person not being able to partake of them because he does not have a single eyes. He would be like the seeds who fell by the way side or those who fell on the rocky areas and also, he would become unstable in all his ways; being here and there and a man who is unstable in all his ways is a confused and double minded person.

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