By Bishop S.I Okelezoh

TEXT:Romans 8:17, Gen1:26-28, Psalm115:15&16, Isaiah7:14-16, Isaiah 49:24-26

Man was created in the image and likeness of God, so it is lawful to say that God and man are one. Before the fall of man, he was closer to hope.

The Promise:
Promise is derived from two words, ‘pro and mise’.
Pro means professional or expert in taking away something. An advantage to or reason for doing something. It is also argument in favour of something.
Mise is an agreement or writ of right. It is also the issue in a legal proceeding upon a writ of right.
Writ of right is directed to a person who is in charge directing him to render justice to his slaves in a dispute over a land. A law, order to restore a land to its owner.
Man as a land was taken over by the devil when he sinned against God. Thus a writ of right here talks about God restoring mankind from the devil.
Promise therefore is a declaration, assurance, pledge, vow, commitment, contract that one will do something.

God within Himself promised Himself (Godhead) to create man in His image and likeness and He gave us authority (Genesis 1:26-30). He made us possessor of the earth.
At this stage, man was in the state of perfection. This was the first promise.

The second promise is seen in Genesis 3:15…her seed shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel.

When man sinned, he lost his dominion, fullness and became subject to satan. He was beclouded, dominated, subdued by the power of the spirit of the devil and was left with a small strand of hope, the little life left was dominated by sin.
Man became hopeless and leastless (without life). He lawfully became captive because he made a choice to follow satan and rejected his creator.
At this point, only a redeemer, saviour could save him because he was surrounded and overpowered by the power of sin and death. It was at this point of hopelessness the prophecy and promise of the messiah came, who will redeem mankind.

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