Day 1
Message Title: TITHEOLOGY
Ministering: Bishop (Dr.) S.I. Okelezoh
Main Text: Job 38:33

Titheology is the combination of two words: tithe (one tenth of everything you possess or have) and ology (the study of or the science of something). Thus, titheology is the study of or the science of tithe or tithing.
The word ‘theo’ is at the center of titheology, and theo means God, thus, tithe is theocentric, this means God is at the centre of tithe.
Tithe cannot be revoked. Nobody can cancel tithe because God is involved in it. (Job 38:38)
Tithe is not just an ordinary instruction, it is God’s ordinance. Mal. 3:7-10, Gen. 14:18-20, Jer. 31:35-36; 33:19-26, Eze. 43:18.
When you pay tithe, God gives you the ability or power to overcome your enemy.
Lk. 1:6 – from this scripture, we discover that the Leviticus priesthood ended with Zechariah, Elizabeth and their seed, John the Baptist and it was handed over to Jesus Christ. And when Jesus came, he spoke about tithing in a broader way than the Scribes and Pharisees knew about according to Matt. 23:23. Jesus revealed tithing in a deeper sense.
Jesus admonished us to pay tithe of the weightier matter and not o ly money, among them are:
1) Judgement. God expects us to pay the tithe our god judgement and insight. That is, we are to live a life of sound judgement and insight
2) Mercy. God also expects us to pay the tithe of mercy. We are to be merciful to our brothers and sisters just as God is merciful to us
3) Faith. Paying the tithe of faith is living absolutely by faith
4) Love. We are to pay the tithe of our first love for God. We must love God
5) Salvation of souls. We are also expected to pay the tithe of salvation of souls, that is, bringing the lost to the love of Christ.
6) Our time. Time as one of the weightier matters we must pay as tithe, thus, we must give our time to God – the best of our time.
7) Our gift, potential or talent. We are also required to pay the tithe of our gifts or potential. Ask yourself, ‘am I serving God with my talent?’
8) Our strength
9) Our passion
10) All our heart
11) Our mind. Isa. 26:3
12) Trust. Prov. 3:6
13) Hope
14) Presenting our bodies. Rom. 12:1
15) Fasting. Acts 13:2
16) Worship. Lk. 2:37
17) The ministry of the word and prayer. Acts 6:4

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