Bishop Samson I. Okelezoh
Genesis 27 v 1 – 10, Psalms 19 v 8, II Corinthians 10 v 12, Proverbs 14 v 1, Romans 8 v 1 – 2,

Rebekah transmitted the very same message of Isaac to Jacob, except for one very vital addition. The addition of the Lord’s input in the message. She didn’t just leave the message as it were but rather processed it down to a form her son can use, unveiling the presence of the Lord in the basics of the message. Masterful unveiling is based on the presence of enlightenment. Presence of clear open eyes.

Enlightenment begets motivation. It begets the presence of a well thought approach. A well thought approach to actions that will upset blessings for the perpetrator.

1. The eyes of men is dim. Lots of people people possess dim eyes and hence cannot grasp the entirety of the message. Dim eyes beget poor insight.

2. The hope of people is dim. Hope gives you the confidence to take possession of your tomorrow. Lack of this confidence fosters bleakness in a man’s future.

3. The zeal of men is down. Zeal is the propellant to do more. Channelled zeal gives the power to surmount mountains and break through obstacles.

4. The passion of men is dim.

1. Rebekah was a true destiny helper. She was aware of Jacob’s impended destiny and did all she could to bring it to pass.

2. She was a good teacher. With apt and excellence, she made plain, the principles and nuggets Jacob needed to know.

3. She was a good preacher. She skilfully outlined all pros and benefits Jacob stood to gain from certain actions.

4. She was a good instructor.

5. She was a good mentor.

6. She was a revealer of secrets. She made open the hidden messages in instructions.

7. She was a wonderful illuminator. She was a lightshedder.

8. She was a good trainer.

9. She was a good preparer. A good preparer readies their offspring to be successes, not failures.

10. She was a faith builder.

11. She was an exhorter.

12. She was a supplicant, particularly in the area of prayers.

Conclusively, when you hear the good news, it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly dissolve and divulge it, that others may benefit.

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