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Bishop (Dr.) Samson I. Okelezoh ministering….LIVING FUNCTIONING PRIMARY CHURCH WITHIN YOU

Bishop (Dr.) Samson I. Okelezoh
Psalms 87 v 7; 66 v 1; 81 v 1; 89 v 15; 95 v 1 – 2; 96 v 12; 98 v 4 – 8; 100 v 1; 113 v 9; 149 v 2 – 5,Ecclesiastes 7 v 14,Isaiah 60 v 10,II Corinthians 7 v 14

All men have been called. Called by God, out of heaven and the Word. By virtue of this calling, there are two types of churches.

1. The primary church.
2. The secondary church.

Man, by creation is the primary church. The primary church is the embodiment of worship and thanksgiving that God loves to see. A functional primary church is of great delight to God as well as a benefit to himself.

Functions of the Primary Church
1. Praise God. This is the primary function of the primary church. Praise must come out of every true church.
2. Worship.
3. Prophetic Life. The prophetic life reveals happenings scheduled for the future. Dreams and revelations are embedded in the primary church.
4. Priestly Life. The temple of God requires a prophet and this position is an important function of the primary church.
5. Warriorship.

The secondary church on the other hand, which is more common in human parlance, is the homogenous gathering of more than one primary church. A primary church is empowered to make changes and create noise of thanksgiving. This is very important.

To make is to create, form, construct, manufacture, produce and to bring forth fruit. An empowered maker will not have his desires until he makes them. Until he creates them. You can change your atmosphere by simply creating the atmosphere you prefer.

It connotes the mixture of various sounds. Noise can be loud, combined sound, collection of different sounds. Every battle of a warrior is with a confused noise. Noise cannot be sad sounds. On the other hand it is a cacophony of joyful sounds. To make a joyful noise is to create joyful sounds. Sounds of jubilee.

The author of jubilee is Jesus himself. Jubilee, unlike the way of the world, should be a daily affair. One that is actively taking place at every minute. Your jubilee is customed to your taste. It is what you declare of your jubilee that you will have.

It is sacrosanct to know the joyful sound so as to attract the power of the Lord. When you know the joyful noise, you will be elevated and become a hill.

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