Bishop (Dr.) Samson I. Okelezoh
II Samuel 11 v 1; Ephesians 6 v 10 – 18; II Corinthians 10 v 3 – 6; Isaiah 51 v 18 – 21; Zechariah 6 v 1; Exodus 12 v 35 – 36

Jesus was born a king into planet Earth. In order for us to be kings, we have to be under Jesus, the king of kings. There is a dress of power that establishes people if they hold on to it.

Going to battle requires good planning, good preparation and very good acquisition of instruments of battle. A person
going for battle must be healthy and must have a sound mind.

1. The expiration of their power and tenure.They don’t want their dominion and kingdom to come to an end. An instance is King Pharoah, he had a dream and sought a way to interpret and know the meaning of the dream.
2. Kings dread when they have an over power.
3. Kings dread when their prosperity and fame is coming to an end.

1. Some will lose their crown.
2. They gain crown from those they captured.

Faith is one of the armour used in decorating yourself for battles. Enemies come to battles as a flood. You must Know the material grade that is formed against you so that you can conquer. For you to overcome your enemies,you must not meet the enemy at it’s own level but at a higher level. One of the weapons that we can use in winning is “Giving”.

God has equipped us with standards that are above the standards of the enemies and has given unto us silver and gold. The battles of God are battles of silver and standard. The spirit of God that is with us, do great and mighty things.

We don’t win battles and come with empty hands. We win battles and make profit. Christ has won battles for us to overcome temptations.

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