Bishop (Dr) S.I Okelezoh
TEXT: Job 39:27-28, Exodus 19:3-4, Deut. 1:6, Genesis 18:19.

An eagle gives birth to an eaglet and after a period of staying with its it a parent, its leaves them to build it’s own nest. So also children stay with their parents and after a period of time they grow up and begin to build themselves up and also build their own nest so that when they they are matured. They give birth to their own offspring.
When an eaglet grows to a certain stage, it must separate itself from it’s parents to build a nest of it’s own. If it doesn’t separates itself from it’s parent, it will not be able to build it’s nest.
When an eaglet grows to a certain level, where it can no longer stay in the same nest with it’s parent, certain situation and circumstances happen;it would be deprived of so many necessities. Eagles mount up if they were on the ground before. God has set up circumstances and situations that help us mount up when we want to remain on the ground. Eagles grow up to a stage of netting a nest.
Nest symbolizes;
* Maturation
The moment an eaglet grow up it gets matured and starts thinking of building its own nest.
* Responsible for responsibilities
This shows that the eaglet becomes responsible to take up to take up responsibilities
* procreation and generation
When an eaglet becomes matured, he starts to think about bringing forth it’s own eaglet as it’s parents did.
* Anesting your full potentials
* Kingdom extension and expansion

A real eagle has a nest
An eagle is responsible by having a nest
You can only be called an eagle if you have a nest.
An eagle is denied if it does not have a nest.
An eagle is fake without a nest
An eagle is irresponsible without a nest
An eagle is famous if it has a nest

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