Bishop (Dr) S.I. Okelezoh
Title: Responsible, faithful, discipline trainer in the way
Text: Luke 2:22, prov. 22:6, Gen.14:8-14, Gen.18:18&19, Acts 17:22-28, Exo. 12:3, Lev. 27:1-

In training a child, you must be responsible, disciplined, and faithful.
God is looking upon us as mothers and fathers who are expected to train our children in the way of the Lord for them to be armed so that they can fight any battle they are faced with and come out victorious.
A child’s character must be moulded within the period of childhood. When a child’s character is well formed, he will not go astray. There are certain periods when character can be neglected. There are periods that one’s character can be amended, after which nothing can be done to rectify. This is because when one is old his character becomes permanent.
There are various ways in which God can train a child. Abraham was a trainer, the father who knows how to train. God knew him as a trainer.

* Character
*Responsibility- A trainer have so Many responsibilities to carry out in order for him to train other people.

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