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Prosperity is God given. It is the power of dominion of the subduer (we have been given the power to subdue everything on earth, even money. Genesis 1:28), blessings, holiness, righteousness, truth, love, hope, faith, justice. It is the unquenchable living fire and power of God, living faith that causes a man of
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TOPIC:THE VISION TEXT: Isaiah 32 Vs 1- 20 Vision is simply the assignment, work, portion that the heavenly father allocated to a man and the people to do for him. There can be no vision except there’s a man to anchor the vision. Every mission has a vision and it is given to the vision […]
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WALKING IN THE SPIRIT BY BISHOP (DR.) S.I. OKELEZOH Gal. 5:16-18 The flesh fights against the spirit ( i.e. what it wills or want to do) and the spirit against the flesh (i.e. what the flesh wills and wants to do). God wants us to do the things that are true, pure, righteous, that gives […]
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